Photos to Warm Your Bones : )

It’s been so cold here and almost everywhere else lately I thought I’d post some photos from Dominican Republic. These were from last Feb but I have never posted em before and I thought you might enjoy. At least we only have to endure these temps for about one more day. I heard that yesterday the average Montana temperature was 6 degrees colder than the South Pole! -26F vs -20F at the South Pole…… getting close to Christmas….

The two shots after the happy looking man with the machete are a jail on the beach for drug smugglers and the last two images are of Nate diving with a turtle….

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It’s Been Awhile For Newborns

This is Jason & Anna Richards darling baby “Peyton”. He is just 5 weeks here. I hadn’t done a newborn for a long time. Of course he wouldn’t sleep to much! He is really adorable & has great parents & grandparents(both sides)… Because he has such great genes on both sides ,I wonder what he will turn out to be?  If he’s not a professional athlete, he will probably be a genius : )




Arizona Scenics

We went down to Arizona over spring break and stayed with our friends ( Martins ) in their time share. I had never been in the desert ( Sonoran ) before during springtime when everything is all in bloom…. The temps were perfect and the flowers, smells & colors were exquisite!!! I felt very thankful to be there and experience this….. About half of these images were done on horseback( moving) which was new for me. I figured that since it has been freezing here in Helena, & Butte, MT it would be a good time to share these with you all.












Diving in Curacao

These are some photos from our recent dive in Curacao with Curious2Dive shop. Only the first image was done with my camera.I would highly recommend them.  Isabelle from C2D took the rest complimentary as part of their superb service. I would really love to go back there again soon and dive some more. Curacao is part of what they call the ABC islands off the Venezuelan coast…. The other two are Aruba which we saw but didn’t dive at and Bonaire. Some friends of ours Chris & Stacey dove in Bonaire recently and that island sounds awesome to dive at.We missed having Daniel Wordal us, but he is leaving on a big trip himself and couldn’t do both.