Welcome to my 1st Blog!!! 03/09/08


Hi friends I finally got a blog going. Hopefully I will keep up on this unlike my monthly newsletter that I published one time. :) I have been very blessed with alot of great clients and great images in 2007 so I am hoping for an even better 2008. I don’t mean just buisnesswise. I am setting my goals and will share them with you when I get them done. One thing I am realizing is just how precious my time is! Since I am a one horse operation I have to wear alot of different hats. I am planning on finding a computer person and also someone to help with sales so that I can do what I do best which is, spend more time behind the camera. I will try hard to make this blog fun and interesting and not just a blah, blah, blah, commercial about me and my buisness.