Diving in Curacao

These are some photos from our recent dive in Curacao with Curious2Dive shop. Only the first image was done with my camera.I would highly recommend them. www.curious2dive.com  Isabelle from C2D took the rest complimentary as part of their superb service. I would really love to go back there again soon and dive some more. Curacao is part of what they call the ABC islands off the Venezuelan coast…. The other two are Aruba which we saw but didn’t dive at and Bonaire. Some friends of ours Chris & Stacey dove in Bonaire recently and that island sounds awesome to dive at.We missed having Daniel Wordal us, but he is leaving on a big trip himself and couldn’t do both. 






Been to long…..Panos

Since I posted on my blog… so sorry folks but I been busy with life like you all : ) Here are some panos I did recently on our cruise aboard the Carnival Breeze!!! It is a great time for cruising on Carnival, especially after the trouble they had  recently on  the Carnival Triumph…. They have been heavily discounting their cruises and are going out of their way to be more than accommodating to customers. It’s also almost time to start thinking about senior portraits too! You don’t want to risk something as important as once in a lifetime senior high school portraits with inexperienced amateurs with cameras…. Thesedays ,seems like everyone with a expensive camera thinks they are a professional photographer……  if they hand you a disc with uncorrected, unflattering poses, acne,etc., what good is that? If you save a few $s hiring an non-pro photographer then  you have to hire a computer specialist to try and make the files printable? It doesn’t matter  if you can figure out how to print amateurish images if they are no good to start with! Let’s make this a great experience for your senior, not something they don’t want to remember. Remember you get what you pay for and if you hire someone for  to next to nothing, guess what your images are going to be worth? Yep, next to nothing…… We have been doing award winning senior high school portraits throughout southwestern Montana including, Butte, MT, Helena, MT, Townsend, MT, Boulder, MT, Anaconda, MT, Deer Lodge, MT, Whitehall, MT, Sheridan, MT and so many more little towns along the way! We even have seniors coming from as far away as Oregon, Washington, South Dakota,Kentucky, Arizona and Alaska. Can’t wait to see you seniors this summer! Book early for best deals and more time with the photographer( me). Going to post some more artistic stuff before I start showing off some of seniors…..