One Last One For Whitey

We had to put down our 20 year old cat ” Whitey ” yesterday….. She was such an awesome pet, virtually no trouble whatsover. We found her as a stray out in Washington, abandoned in the trailer park we were living in at the time. She was so infested with those big hearty coastal fleas, she almost didn’t make it. But we brought her back to Montana and she flourished here. She shared a doghouse with ” Moses” the basset hound  for a few years till he got hit exactly a year ago. They were quite a pair! She was good, he was naughty. We are going to take a break from being pet owners for awhile but we still have “Josie” the Russian tortoise. :)

Eric Wordal NEW Canvas Display!!! BUTTE, MT Uptown Cafe

Hi gang! Sorry I been so awol on my blogging!!! I’ve been busy with the holiday season and posting on Facebook so I forget to get on here! Anyway, I am having a new display at the Uptown Cafe at 47 E Broadway  in Butte starting January 7  thru  March 3 . These  hand crafted, canvas images will be for sale, which is also new for me. I am excited for this new show not only because it will be the first display I have had in nearly three years, but also because it allows me to show images that I have never shown before. So please stop by the Uptown Cafe and check it out……. btw if you have never been to the Uptown Cafe you are in for a treat! I’m not sure exactly why they call it a cafe because it is one of the finest, fine dining restaurants you will ever eat in anywhere.