Wonderful Fishing

I know. I know this isn’t a photography blog but I just had to share some of the beautiful fishing images from┬áthis summer with my boys. Since Dan just got home from Japan we didn’t get to go very much but we sure had some good times when we did. I am so thankful to live in Montana and have two sons who LOVE to fish! :)

Test Blog

Hi guys! My blog got hacked this summer and I haven’t been able to get in and write anything. I think I have it all repaired now! Thanks to Kim Townsend and Securi……. I can’t believe some people would ┬ádo such a thing. Anyway, this is just a test blog of a few recent fishing pictures. I have had one of the best senior classes on record and can’t wait to start posting some of them. The last image is of us picking up Dan in Spokane, not sure why so small.