Fishing on the Missouri

Fishing on the Missouri, last night my buddy Steve Frankino took me and Nate out in his raft and we got some beautiful trout! Natie doesn’t look too happy that I just caught 1st fish of evening huh? :)

so I let him catch this one :) Aren’t they a good looking pair?

Here’s the real master fisherman Steve!

Couple scenics

I Hit A Deer On My Motorcycle

Lisa and I were coming home last Friday up in the Seeley Swan area from a little overnight trip. We went up to see Natie who was at church camp. Anyway coming home about 2pm and about 25 miles north of Seeley Lake I was riding my Gold Wing with Lisa sleeping on the back seat. It was hot and you’d think the stupid deer would be bedded down somewhere but all of a sudden two jumped right out in front of me. I was going just about 70mph and had just slowed down a bit. There was no swerving just a big thump as I hit deer and it then swung around and hit Lisa in back of her legs as it flew away. Lisa got a huge bruise and I smacked my leg hard on fairing.We were/are sore but fine. I am still thanking God because the bike didn’t go down and only sustained some cosmetic damage. I am now looking for replacement parts for bike. This is 2nd time God has spared my life from hitting deer. The 1st time was about 5 years ago when on Easter Sunday about 3am I hit a deer in Idaho that went through my windshield hitting me right under my chin with it’s horn. That buck only was a “button” buck with just about and inch or 2 of horn or else it would have killed me. Thank you Lord and thanks to my guardian angel! Here is picture of bike.Fairing is busted and front fender is gone.