Land of the Rising Sun

Going to go see my son Dan in Okinawa, Japan tomorrow am. I will be doing some photos to add to this entry. Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

OK back……

I just returned from visiting my son Daniel in Okinawa, Japan.He is a dentist in U.S. Navy(single :))I have to warn you, many of these images may look like snapshots and that is because they are. I got salt water in my professional Nikon the 2nd day there. and it stopped working immediately. Ironically it is on way back to Japan for repair! I was able to borrow a point and shoot from my son and at get a few images. We had a wonderful time and went scuba diving about 5-6 times, ate lot’s of good food , went to the battlefields and just hung out together. I did teach him how to play cribbage while there. Daniel is coming back to Bremerton, WA in about under 8 weeks. He will be there for 2 years and we are so excited to have him much closer to home. I will post some videos soon.

Here is link to more photos, please check them out.

New Sign

Well I finally got some new images up on my sign replacing the ones that were tagged awhile ago. I’ve had people calling me thanking me for finally replacing them. I actually know who tagged the old ones and also a bunch of highway dept signs(eyewitnesses) but I decided to overlook and extend some grace. Maybe not a good idea but anyway, Congratulations to:

Chelsey, Jade, Hannah & Brittany !!!