Cissy’s New CD

My dear friend Cissy Padgett is making a new CD called “Broken and Restored”. I was blessed to be able to do the photos Cissy will use on the CD. We did these images this week and it was soooooo cold! My fingers felt like they were going to fall off. The title song is about how Cissy felt  as a little girl watching her Daddy watch her and her Mom leaving him on of all things her birthday………. very sad yes, but the real story is what God did in their lives afterwards. Cissy’s grandaughter Saylor Schlauch played the young Cissy and another Grandaughter Kaylin Ishak played Cissy’s Mom and  Brian Schlauch    played Cissy’s Dad.Cissy’s daughter Cari Schlauch is going to do a song on the CD and this is an image I did of her. You can order her CD and lot’s of other awesome Christian music and children’s storybooks on Cissy’s website



Baby Evelyn

ejw_1013-4x1ejw_1030-4xejw_1038-4xHope I spelled that right? Anyway here are a few images of the precious baby Evelyn from a very cold Mitlyng family photo shoot in the Great Northern lobby. Hopefully you’ll see more of her as she grows and we make some great images of her.

Cute Kids


ejw_0865 ejw_0839 ejw_0849


Can’t believe it’s been this long since my last post! Sorry friends. Anyway, I just had to post these images of 3 of the cutest kids I have seen. We did these over in my Butte studio when it was so cold!!! Their names are Kaleb, Evan & Avery and they are really Starrs don’t you think?