New Senior Pricing

Hey Seniors from Class of 09! I just got in all my new price lists for this upcoming season and they are beautiful! Yes even the price lists! 2008 was a great season with some of the most wonderful¬†seniors we have ever had. Really looking forward to getting some amazing images from the Class of 09.Please call 431-ERIC(3742) to book your appointment and we will be happy to send you the new price lists. You don’t even have to book and we’ll send them :) I also would like to extend a personal invitation for you to come out to our studio and visit with me. I always love to meet my seniors beforehand and I highly recommend it because for a number of reasons:

1. You may not like me or my work :) Not likely because I like everyone and hopefully you’ll like my work!

2. We can visit about what YOU are looking for in your senior portraits.

3. It helps take away the “butterflies” and get rid of any worries.

4. It will help you get ideas for your portraits. 

5. Even the consultations are fun!